European Division

As a group of companies, Alamo Group Europe is already a market leader in both the industrial and agricultural fields. The reason: solid lines of conventional hedge and grass cutters, backhoes, mowers and cultivators, plus mower innovations that set new industry standards for speed and effectiveness.

  • Bomford equipment

    Station Road
    Salford Priors
    Evesham, Worcestershire
    WR11 8SW, England
    +44 (0) 1789 773383 Tel
    +44 (0) 1789 773238 Fax
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    A leader in green maintenance technology for more than 100 years, Bomford Turner is well known for its high-performance hedge-cutters, reach arm mowers, rotary mowers, remote controlled flail mowers, cultivation machinery and related replacement parts. Bomford equipment is sold through an exclusive dealer network, to governmental agencies, contractors and agricultural end-users, within Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America.

  • Dutch Power Company

    Dutch Power Company

    Industrieweg 18 4283 GZ
    Giessen, Netherlands
    31 (0) 183 44 72 80

    The members of Dutch Power Company™ group are Conver®, Herder®, Precision Makers®, Roberine® and Votex®. These are Dutch companies with a long history that are innovative, reliable and deliver quality machines. We offer a comprehensive range of (flail) mowers, mowing machines, blowers, stump cutters, floating machinery, amphibious equipment and have built the first driverless machine.
  • Faucheux

    29 rue du President JF Kennedy
    BP 50, 2811 Luce, Cedex
    Chartres, France
    011 33 2 37 30 40 50

    Faucheux equipment includes front-end loaders, backhoes, attachments and related parts. Historically the majority of Faucheux's sales have been in France, but the company has expanded its market coverage to other countries, principally in the U.K.

  • Forges Gorce

    Forges Gorce
    Chemin Des Ravaux
    63920 Peschadoires
    00 33 473 80 7419 Tel
    00 33 473 51 0338 Fax
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    Forges Gorce is one of the world's top manufacturers of wear parts that fit on rotor shafts - mainly flails, knives and shackles. The products are distributed worldwide through OEMs and dealers.

  • McConnel

    Temeside Works,
    SY8 1JL
    0044 1584 873131 Tel
    0044 1584 876463 Fax
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    McConnel is one of the world’s leading suppliers of Power Arm technology and offers a comprehensive range of innovative green maintenance, remote control and cultivation machinery. A multi-award winning British company, McConnel is famous for quality, innovation and reliability and is the first choice of farmers, contractors and local authorities. The company exports machines to more than 40 countries around the world.

  • Rivard

    ZI du Grand Clos
    49640 Daumeray - France
    Tel + 33 (0) 2 41 33 68 68
    Fax + 33 (0) 2 41 32 51 70
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    Based in France, Rivard designs, produces and markets three main product lines: Sanitation, Industries, and Utilitites. Vac and Jet technologies for Sewer, Industrial and Railway Maintenance, Construction Equipment for Civil Works and Utilities. RIVARD sells its products worldwide to independent contractors, renters, governmental and non-governmental agencies.

    RIVARD products are made to provide the best solutions for different applications such as sanitation, industrial and railway maintenance, hydrodemolition applications, and macro/mini/micro trenching and excavation. A complete range of materials for these markets, completed by our related services: training, tools and maintenance.

  • Rousseau

    40, Avenue Wissel
    BP 0132
    69583 - Neuville sur Saone, France
    011 33 04 78 98 69 29
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    Rousseau was founded in 1962 near Lyon, France. Rousseau is a leading manufacturer of tractor mounted reach and inline flail mowers used by the French Highway Authorities, farmers, and various contractors. The current range of equipment is designed to fit tractors from 20hp to 200hp and range from simple cable controls to sophisticated electro-hydraulic systems.

  • S.M.A.

    S.M.A. Faucheux
    Parc d'Activites
    B.P. 6437, 45064 - Orleans, Cedex 2
    RC Orleans 90 B 647
    +33 (0) 2 38 41 46 00 Tel
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    SMA equipment includes hydraulic boom-mounted hedge and hedgerow cutters and associated replacement parts. SMA's principal customers are local French authorities and contractors.

  • Spearhead

    Spearhead Machinery
    Station Road
    Salford Priors
    Evesham, Worcestershire
    WR11 8SW, England
    +44 (0) 1789 491860 Tel
    +44 (0) 1789 778683 Fax
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    A leader in green maintenance technology, Spearhead is renowned for its high-performance rotary mowers which are popular with farmers, contractors, and mowing specialists. Spearhead's machinery is designed and manufactured in the UK using the very latest computer aided technology and manufacturing processes. Leading the way with innovative high quality vegetation control equipment that is marketed and sold throughout the world. Spearhead equipment includes hedge/grass boom mowers, rotary toppers, flail mowers and replacement parts.