Drum/Disc Whole Tree Chippers & Flails

Morbark's drum and disc (ChiparvestorĀ®) whole tree chippers and flails are utilized to produce fuel chips for biomass (pellet production) and clean chips to create pulp and paper.

Chipping unmerchantable wood keeps it out of landfills and allows its utilization as an alternative, renewable energy source. Current Drum Chipper Models include 50/48, 40/36, 30/36, and M20 Forestry, configured with cab and loader (WCL) or no cab and loader (NCL), on tracks or tires, diesel or electric powered.

Morbark's whole tree disc chippers, also known as Chiparvestor, and Flails are often used in combination to produce a clean chip for pulp and paper production, which requires a chip that meets mill-specific requirements for length, thickness, and overall size. In addition to sizing, mills will also specify the amount of allowable bark content, thus the need for the Flail, which removes the bark from a log before being feed through the Chiparvestor.

Current Models include the 23X Chiparvestor and Model 30 Chiparvestor. Stand-alone Flail models include the 2455 and 223X. Combination Chiparvestor and Flail units include the 2355 and 2755 Flail Chiparvestors.